This is gonna become a looooong post, please get some coffee and snack hahahaha


I start 2019 with , actually I’m a little bit regret this part because I don’t want this kind of motorcycle hahaha

And I’m still and doing 3 parallel job, at least I can feed my cat hahaha, but it has side effect also, I have to work at morning, afternoon and also evening which is make my health is declining :(

While I’m still doing 3 parallel jobs, I’m still doing some stuff about my startup. By the way I have a startup with another 2 founders also that time but still, don’t have income. I’m very happy doing the startup stuff because I can a learn lot of information and decision making.


In the second month, I’m still doing the 3 parallel jobs!

But sad news, I have to shut down my startup because we (founders) have a different mindset about what needs to do about the startup itself :( I’m very sad about it, we already spent like 1 year to make it happens and then it’s disappeared.

And this month, I found some interesting tech and something new for me.

Data Engineering

Yup, I’m falling in love with what’s inside of this tech.

  1. Data Pipeline
  2. Managing Data Lineage
  3. Infrastructure and etc

I’m starting to read the article about this tech and not yet start experimenting! (wrong decision), like I want to experiment about Data Engineering but I still don’t have time (remember I have 3 jobs hahaha)


1st March, I have meeting with the big boss. I working for 2 projects from this boss and I’m meeting with my school friends too, I working with them. Did you know how much happy I’m this time ? Finally I can work with my friends! hahaha. I’m as and my friends as and .

From Left: Wisnu, Fachri, Me

and in March, I want to have a good lifestyle then I purchase a bicycle and starting cycling. I cycling from 5:30 am to 6:30 or 7:00 am.

this my bicycle (not the actual location)

And also, finally I can purchase my dream shoes hahahaha

Converse Chuck Taylor 70s Vintage Collection 36s


First week of April, my aunt passed away (RIP) :(
I really love my aunt, she always gave me a or for almost every life problem.

It’s still first week or second, my best friend (Baehaqi) is back from Papua, he work as miners at Freeport, the biggest miner company in Indonesia.

From Left: Baehaqi, Me, Wisnu, Fachri

Second week of April or April 14, one of my best friend (Wisnu) is getting married!
Sadly, Baehaqi should go back to Papua at April 13 :(
but no worried, because he still can watch the full process of the wedding!

I did Video Call with Baehaqi then he can watch the full process

BTW, base on this I really know what’s the main purpose of Thanks for the creation!

17 April, right after election I went to Bandung with Erwin. I just want to forget a little bit about things hahaha.
I went to Taman Hutan Raya Ir. H. Djuanda, take some picture and enjoy the nature!

best picture I taken from there hahaha

The next day, I went to Dusun Bambu with another friends.

From Left: Erwin, Odilo, Niken and Me (holding a sock) hahaha

To the last day I in Bandung, I just spent to met another friends!
and when I back to Tangerang, it takes 10 fuckin hours. stupid traffic jam!

Last week in April, I got some offer work to work for Singapore company from Glints, I took the test and finish it within 2 days.
The test is quite hard, I must create


What I do in May ? I’m quite forget hahaha

The last picture of Miko, my beloved cat.
3 days after this picture, he came and never comeback :(

Miko on my work desk

Oh yeah, Ramadan and Fasting

‘Bukber’ with RPL 1. School mate hahaha

And this month, my another cat is sick. He can’t pee, just he can’t peeeeeeeeee. I took him to the vet.

His name is Gendut, and he in the vet

Alhamdulillah, after 4 days using he is healthy again!


First week of June is moment of Lebaran or Ied Fitri, everyone apologizes to the others. Then I visit my niece :)

He died because of Hydrocephalus

New Shoes!!!
btw I really like model of converse shoes, so simple!

Converse 70s Sun Flower

17 June 2019, I started a new job as software engineer at Jublia with 3 others people.

From Left: Ismail, Me (closing eyes) hahaha, Ikhsan and Irfan

and this is first cohesion at Jublia!

First Cohesion at Warung Mang Engking


Nothing special in July, just hangout with friend, do stupid things and many hahaha

Second Cohesion and my first Bowling ever :D

From Left, Chinab, KY, Me, Arif, Heri, Irfan, Fahmi, Ismail and Ikhsan


This month, I started coloring my hair.
First color is Green!

just a little bit I coloring my hair hehe

and another cohesion, All You can Eat at Onokabe

From Left: Irfan, Me, Chinab, Heri, Ismail, Ikhsan and Fahmi


Another cohesion in September.
do you know ? We went there for solving mystery. Me and my team choose Amityville The Wakening.

Pandora Experience at Mall Alam Sutera

Remember critic to government about the new RUU KUHP ?
I went to Senayan and joining the others!

Pretty shit condition in here, Palmerah Station


Ah October, what a nicely month!

7 October 2019, my first flight ever!
Soekarno-Hatta Airport to Changi Airport.

me, looking what happens inside the waterfall hahahaha

I came to the Singapore Office of Jublia, working from there hahahah
I spent 6 day in Singapore, day 1-3, I spent for working.

And day 4–5, I spent at Pycon Singapore 2019. Very-very gooooooood event, I see a lot of expert engineer talk about anything related to Python. Don’t forget about the food also it’s very delicious, the organizer handled everything very well !!!

And day 6, I should join the Tutorial at Pycon Singapore but I late to wake up hahahaha, so I just chill till my flight.

And I back to Indonesia at 12 October.

Fahmi and Chinab told the visitor about Jublia
Fahmi and Chinab giving a `speech`
From Left: Me, Jiazheng (Intern from SUTD), Fahmi and Chinab

Still in the same month, cohesion oversea! the place is Kuching, Malaysia.
15 October, my first transit!
Soekarno-Hatta to Kuala Lumpur then Kuala Lumpur to Kuching

I think it’s pretty cool hahahaha

Finally, I see almost every people who work at Jublia!
and at the night, we had some in the food court


The next 2 days is character building which held at The Culvert Hotels in Kuching.

after playing football beach
after do some fun games!

and where I’m back to Indonesia, there’s a little fun story.
Irfan, can’t print his boarding pass because he already check-in. I’m also but I can print at CS hahahaha.

queue, no chill man hahahaha

and 29 October, the creator of Python Programming is announcing for retired :)

Thanks for your creation, Guido Van Rossum


Baehaqi and his lover is getting engagement, awesome!
I came with Wisnu to attend the event.

Baehaqi and Ermala

Pycon Indonesia 2019
Pycon Indonesia is held in Surabaya, we all Jublia engineer going to Surabaya to attend the event.
If compare to Pycon Singapore, Pycon Indonesia is still below Pycon Singapore.
Sadly, I don’t take picture in Pycon Indonesia.


The last month of 2019!
I came to Garut to see another engagement hahahaha

Nova and Handi

After came to Garut, I went to Bandung, meet Erwin (again) hahahaha
I just want to chill out and forget about work a little bit.
We visited Zoo of Bandung, the place is pretty expensive for not really good place. I mean lack of information for the animal and so on.
But it’s first time I see Zebra.

it’s not black white, it’s black, brown and white

And finally, last week of December. I spent the week to think:

What I want to do in 2020

Pretty late, isn’t ? hahaha
I close 2019 with cut my hair and bought a new running shoes, wish I will start exercise in 2020!
aaaaand, finish my first blog post!

Many of events or activity did not I tell in here because is too personal

Thanks for reading this looooong post, I should make it into 3/4 month each post hahaha
I really appreciate if you are reading this post till the end!

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